• full service law firm
  • full service law firm
  • full service law firm
  • full service law firm
  • full service law firm
  • full service law firm
  • full service law firm
  • Attwaters Jameson Hill is a client centric, full service law firm representing private and business interests throughout Herts, Essex, Outer London and nationally

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  • Our Attainments…

  • Our biggest Attributes…

    ...are our people
  • We are Attentive...

    ...to every client’s needs

    “I didn’t think I would ever have the satisfaction of seeing anything anywhere near the work you have done on my behalf. I am so grateful”

    Private client
  • "Can I congratulate you on the way you handled, what was, at times, a troublesome transaction and the way you brought all the diverse elements together to a most satisfactory conclusion"

    Business client
  • Community mAtters to us...

    ...wherever we serve
  • Att all times, in any case

    ...we’re here to help you

Attwaters Jameson Hill is an award winning, full-service law firm.

Attwaters Jameson Hill has expertise in commercial law and a strong consumer focus.

Every day, personal and business clients throughout Herts, Essex, Outer London and across the UK turn to us for our proven skills and trusted advice. Our teams are hard-working and always focused upon delivering the goods.

What sets us apart as a law firm is how we view our relationships with clients. Our dedication to serving and supporting our clients infuses everything we do. We have a century old tradition of never forgetting that our clients, just like us, are real people facing real challenges and opportunities. They deserve our time, our respect and the most cost effective solutions for their needs.

In any case, we’re here to help you.

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